'Prince Poppycock' Comic Opera Takes on 'America's Got Talent'

Prince Poppycock John Quale Comic Opera Alterego in Gilbert and Sullivan Tradition
I'm nothing if I'm not eclectic in my musical tastes. Schizophrenic might be a better word. Thelonius Monk to UB40 to Spanish guitar to Bessie Smith to Gilbert and Sullivan...My newest love? Prince Poppycock the musical phenomenon of John Andrew Quale.
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Black Light Dance Team 'Fighting Gavity' Top Slot on 'America's Got Talent' Season 5

'Fighting Gravity' Top Spot on America's Got Talent Season 5
I ain't sayin' America's Got Talent is the classiest show on the entertainment circuit. With it's Gong Show like feel and bizarre assortment of acts, AGT is never dull. Fighting Gravity and Future Funk dance it out for top place.
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WLAV 'Blues on the Mall' Grand Rapids, Michigan

Summer Happenings in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, is where summer fun is born. June 8- June 13 hoppin' happenings include WLAV Blues on the Mall, RAIN, Local First Street Party, Sidewalk Chalk Flood, Eastown Bizarre Bazaar and much more.
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'Iron and Wine' Sam Bean- Modern Troubadour

'Iron and Wine' Sam Beam Wandering Minstrel and Modern Troubadour
'Iron and Wine' is a the stage name of Sam Bean, native SoCal and current Texan. Sam Bean as 'Iron and Wine' is a modern troubadour with wandering minstrel tendencies. We experienced 'Iron and Wine' at Hope College, downtown Holland, Michigan.
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Remember Mungo Jerry 'In the Summertime' Jug Band Music?

Remembering Mungo Jerry and 'In the Summertime' Jug Band Music
I don't know about you, but 'In the Summertime', by Mungo Jerry, with Ray Dorset on lead vocals, is summertime for me. 40 summers ago, Mungo Jerry was #1 on the UK charts and uber popular in the US, too. Lady Rose and Baby Jump were hits, too.
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Zydeco Louisiana Cajun Creole Dance Band Music

Zydeco Louisiana Cajun and Creole Music and Dance History
My husband has always been a fan of Louisiana Cajun or Creole musical genre known as Zydeco. Zydeco is music and dance. Zydeco is recognized by its square dance like steps and bouncing accordian and fiddle driven tunes.
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