The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band jams bodacious funkabilly dubstep

Ya'll remember Donny and Marie Osmond? You're trying to forget? So, who isn't--play along. The brother-sister duo "I'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock and roll" posed a musical dilemma that singers have been dancing around for decades. What the heck kind of music do fans play anyway? How do you classify it?

Nowadays, it's cool to genre-bend. But back in the good ole days, you didn't dare. If fans came for country, that's what you served. None of this shilly-shallying "cross-over" stuff. Some people also walked to school barefoot in 6 foot snow drifts and said "thank you ma'am" for the chance. Yada, yada. Times change and now alternative (the catch-all for genre-benders) is in. Poking around WYCE always lends some fresh from the oven music with lost of alt-crossover flavahs. Today's band focus is The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band and does this husband and wife trio (don't ask, don't judge) jam some bodacious funkabilly!

LBT has LGBT agenda? 'Jolene' was 'lesbian' country music before 'Girl Crush'

According to anti-gay country music fans, Little Big Town's song "Girl Crush"has lesbian overtones, reported ABC News on March 30. In the song, a woman covets her lover's lover. Parents who listen to country music didn't want their children tainted by Sapphic talk. When they cried "gay agenda" radio stations caved and pulled "Girl Crush."  LBT has LGBT agenda? 'Jolene' was 'lesbian' country music before 'Girl Crush' - Grand Rapids News |