Our Eclectic, Pan-Genre Music Playlist

My husband works third shift, often weekends, too. Our treat on Saturday, if he has it off, is to go to dinner, stroll the beach, grab some local Shiraz from Lemon Creek and a craft brew assortment of IPA for him, then hit Youtube for music to enjoy. We've been on a retro kick, looking up songs of our youth. But we mix it up with new talent too. Neither of us was what you'd call a groupie (except me in junior high with Bay City Rollers--I took fan to new, weird levels in my own little world). I never went to concerts or even had a stereo, not much money to spare. But we found we both shared an incredible diversity of music tastes. Here are highlights from last Saturday's +Mar-and-Big-Al-Playlist. Be warned--it's a global, multi-period romp!  Our Eclectic, Pan-Genre Music Playlist Last Saturday

Artists Breaking Music Barriers, Creating New Sounds

 I'm really excited about what's happening in music, particularly the alternative/ indie/ roots scene. I'm pleased to hear so many younger, avant garde musicians. It's always our youth to whom we must look for change. And they're providing. Like the way good craft IPA is pushing Bud Light aside, a refreshing new wind blowing across the music industry.  Artists Breaking Music Barriers, Creating New Sounds