Teen-Themed Summer Activities, Venues in Detroit

 There's a lot of fun for families with children in Detroit this summer. But what if you have teens? Most adolescents would rather have a root canal than do "kiddie" activities. Happily, there's lots of teen-themed fun in the Motor City, too.

I highly recommend the Orion Music Fest. Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dropkick Murpheys, Rise Above, FLAG, Deftones and 20 some other metal bands will be there and for only $150 a ticket (no fees). I suggest it, not because I as a mom like that kind of music. I prefer the root canal.  (well, okay, Turn the Page" and "Fields of Athenry" I like) But teen boys and some girls looovee that music. It's an adolescent thing. Take them, don't drop them off. I think you have to anyway. It will be a good bonding experience (even if you do need motrin for a week afterword). It shows your kid you're willing to step out of your comfort zone to connect.

I drove my now 23-year-old (then 15) son and friends to to an Atreyu/Norma Jean concert. One look at the venue and I bought a ticket and hid out so I could keep an eye on them. The building was filthy and the bar wasn't very scrupulous about who was served. Band members beer bonged into the audience (or whatever that's called). It's not that I think my kid can't survive that exposure. It's probably educational. I just wanted him to know a parent was available. He's since outgrown grunge, screamo and the electric guitar. He plays mandolin, accordion and Ulean pipe.

One word of caution--don't imbibe. I took my daughter to an Owl City concert and had one glass of  wine. I wasn't even tipsy but I think it hurt her feelings that mom couldn't go to a concert with her without buying booze. It made her feel unsafe. My lectures on being frugal looked like hypocrisy after she saw me plunk down $7 for bad wine. (though you do need something to digest Adam Young's sugary music). But save it for adults-only venues. Again, not prudish--just common sense.

Most activities are cheap. Some are even free. Don't live near Detroit? Look for similar activities in your area. Check libraries, museums, athletic clubs, community foundations, art venues and music programs. Look for open mic nights at local restaurants and coffee shops. Teen-Themed Summer Activities, Venues in Detroit