Free Printable Guitar Sheet Music, Chord Charts, Licks, Riffs and Tablature

Guitars, electric and acoustic, are oft-requested teen gifts. Men used to dominate guitar-playing, particularly electric, but girls are playing in increasing numbers. Children are beginning to play at younger ages. Guitars cross all music genres. My personal favorites are 12-string, resonator, classical and Spanish guitar. And who can resist the deep drone of an electric bass guitar? Gets you right in the solar plexus. Suffice it to say, guitars are popular instruments! With that in mind, here are Free Printable Guitar Lessons, Sheet Music, Chords, Licks, Riffs and Tablature

Mar and Big Al Playlist World Songs That Cross Time and Space

Sometimes, with a little serendipity, my third shift husband gets a night off work once a week. If the stars are in alignment, and he's an extra specially lucky boy,  he might get TWO nights off. As he did last weekend. So when he does, we like to enjoy music. We stay up all  night and sing (and sip a wine and IPA or three!) I call our selections the Mar-and-Big-Al-Playlist and it's wild. It's pan-genre, pan-world. It is hectic, electric and frenetic. Here's a sampling from last Saturday.  Mar and Big Al Playlist. Eclectic, Hectic, Frenetic (picture is us at Jazz Legends Park, Bourbon St., New Orleans--enjoying Steamboat Willie)