Educational Thanksgiving Movies with Awesome Soundtracks

Thanksgiving, as a holiday has some urban legends clinging to it. Historical inaccuracies, romanticized euphemisms, wishful thinking and revisionist history distort our knowledge of pilgrims (more accurately puritans), native Americans and 17th century life in New England.

I'm not going to attempt to lay any inaccuracies to rest. I'll be the first to admit I don't know for sure. I wasn't there. No one living was. What I present are movies based on research to be the most accurate depiction of life in the early 1600s. Most are literature based and have killer soundtracks. Best Educational Movies for Thanksgiving Lessons

Facebook Causes Awards Grant Money to School Arts, Music Programs

 I'm going to be honest about two things. I both love and dread getting a Causes notification from Facebook. I have an activist's heart and love supporting worthwhile issues. But I don't that some Causes requests feel more like someone's agenda. Some literally spam me with requests. Post on your Facebook wall, but don't flood my email with your pet causes.  Facebook Causes, An Agenda We Can All Agree On