Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Soulful Jazzy Blues, New Orleans to Motown, Monterrey to Montreal

A lot of us freelancers have got the 504 Blues as my buddy dubbed the gateway errors. I'm wearing a spangly dress and singing back up. Anyway, I thought that with all the drama the past few days, you might like some more jazzy-blues with a soul overtone to help you make it through the night. Here are tunes from Montreal to Monterrey, New Orleans to Motown. That's Louis Armstrong Park in Treme, in the photo. We visited there on Kwanzaa.  Eine Kleine Nacht Music--Jazzy Blues with a Little Soul

Broadway "Sister Act" was Mardi Gras and Motown Go to Mass

For our first 25 years, my husband and I didn't go out much, not even to movies. Too expensive and money was needed in a million other places. Now with kids grown, we indulge our theatre passion. Last weekend, we saw Grand Rapids Gloriously Broadway "Sister Act." This wasn't my favorite musical, so I was reluctant to spend $80 for nosebleed seats. But my husband really wanted to see a show and I thought, hey, a guy actually wants to do theater without being dragged? I should look a gift horse in the mouth? I'm glad I went!  Broadway "Sister Act" was Mardi Gras, Motown and Mass

Alternative Indie Songs that Make Me Feel Good - News - Bubblews

This list might not be precisely alternative indie music, so you purists, don't judge. It's just me trying to sound young and hipster. I have no idea what constitutes "indie" other than something about independent, So, like not under fascist control? Not living with parents? Non-gratis? (Erhm, highly doubt that). Alternative, I have no clue about. But I ask you, hipsters, can YOU really define it? I think like me, you just like how alternative rolls off the tongue. Anyhoo, semantics aside, here's the playlist. Let's begin with Ane Brun "Do You Remember?" (a little cabaret). Read on for the rest. And if you don't like it, well, go to Bubblews (tell 'em I sent you) and write your own list of suggestions! Smiley face--love you!  Alternative Indie Songs that Make Me Feel Good