Grand Haven Michigan's Musical Fountain

Grand Haven, Michigan boasts the World's Largest Musical Fountain, a system of sprinklers and colored lights set to music. Another aspect of the show comes at Christmas--a musical narrated nativity show. Children snuggled in winter gear and car seats, eyes shining. Windows rolled down despite winter cold, to hear our beloved Grand Haven Musical Fountain narrate the Bible Christmas story. Giant nativity figures cascade down Dewey Hill. Christmas lights twinkle and Christmas carols tinkle. A larger than life Christmas tableau with a huge star to light the way. This is a favorite Sachteleben holiday memory: one that we have been enjoying for over two decades now. Grand Haven Michigan's Musical Fountain

Straight Edge XXX Teaches Clean Living, Abstinence Through Punk Music

In 1980, a punk rock band called Minor Threat, wrote a song called 'Straight Edge' in response to rampant self-indulgent lifestyles associated with punk rock. Straight Edge has blossomed into a healthy lifestyles sub-culture promoting abstinence, vegan, drug-free lifestyles. The notorious black X or XXX icon worn as a tattoo or design on the back of the hand symbolizes a Straight Edge member's resistance to drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex and meat-based diets.

Straight Edge members commit to a five-pronged pledge of 'Discipline, Resistance, Commitment, Conviction, Persistence '. Under this motto, members also refrain from eating meat and animal by-products (follow a vegetarian or vegan diet) and practice clean lifestyles, swearing off from promiscuous sex, drugs and alcohol, including cigarettes and caffeine.  Straight Edge XXX Teaches Clean Living, Abstinence Through Punk Music