Tilt a Whirl - Drew Nelson Band Sings Michigan Roots Music

Our family (or parts of it) celebrated the Fourth of July in Manistee, Michigan this year. It was not our traditional 4th blowout---me cooking up a monster picnic, beaching it and fireworks at dusk. But two of the kids are out of the house now and we're reinventing some family activities accordingly (aka, now we can travel more because there are fewer people to house and feed). My husband had the weekend off for once, and we decided to jump ship and light off up north. Our youngest daughter went along and younger son and girlfriend met us.

We enjoyed music from Tilt-a-Whirl/Drew Nelson at an outdoor concert along the Manistee River. At first, we were a little diffident about the music as it sounded like country. But we perked up when Drew started in on some anti-establishment themes. On the 4th of July, this was a rather refreshing. We're pacifist socialists, anti-gun, anti-war but NOT anti-soldier. We love our military men and women--just not the U.S military-industrial complex. The band's version of anti-establishment wasn't a hate-rant as much as a prayer for change. And it was a love song to Michigan and the working person (so dear to this IWW girl's heart).
Tilt a Whirl - Drew Nelson Band Preaches Michigan Roots Gospel