Top 10 Classic Christmas Cartoons, Christmas Songs

Some of the best music on holiday playlist comes from classic Christmas cartoons. The Rankin-Bass ones were my favorite. Remember "The Island of Misfit Toys" and what about "Da Who Dores" from the Grinch (not a Rankin-Bass, but old and well-loved)? Or the Harry Simeone Choir doing "The Little Drummer Boy." Seems like every country/rock/rap/pop singer does a (typically horrible) rendition of that one. Bob Seger's was okay, but even he said "little baby" when it should be "Baby Jesus" or better still "Baby Jesu." And none come close to the old choral one.

Old folks like me will also remember when we could see holiday cartoons only when they came on TV once a year. In my youth (circa 1964), most kids had televisons and some even had color TV (woo-hoo, high tech!) My parents were of the "TV stunts kids' imagination" mentality. We didn't get TV till I was eight. Fortunately Grandma and Grandpa had a plug-in drug so I could get my TV fix. I remember the rumor would go through the classroom if a Christmas classic was coming on that night. 'Cause in those pre-cable TV, pre-VHS days, if you missed the program when it aired, too bad for you until next year. The Christmas holiday classics took on something of a religious ritual for us. Here are the creme de la creme, along with companion musical selections. read more