Are You a Closet Musician, Come Out and Try Busking!

I wrote recently about how panhandling should not be allowed and that there are alternative. Here's one alternative, or many really--busking. I won't give to beggars. I will gladly give to buskers or street performers.
Instead of standing around holding out at cup, do something to earn a donation. It's my advice to anyone who needs extra money--high school, college students, unemployed. Don't sell your talents short. Times are tight. You have to be creative. Is there some skill you have? Drawing, painting, music, juggling, mime, exhibition dancing, acting, oratory? Look for a place that will allow you to perform. Leave a cup for donations. I almost always toss a buck or two in and I see that others have too.   How to Make Money Street Busking - News - Bubblews