Bobby Watson says MLK Jr Day is "Check Cashing Day" and He's Right

 I forgot it was MLK Jr. Day until I tried to go to the bank to cash a check. Ironically, a good object lesson for me, remembering Dr. King's "check marked insufficient funds" metaphor. MLK alluded to a 100-year-old "moral check" written by the founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence. It was payable to ALL "Americans" but only some could collect on it.

My son referenced these owed funds today, too. Coming home from work, he caught a song called "Check Cashing Day" on WYCE (our favorite alternative public radio from Grand Rapids). Jazz saxophonist Bobby Watson's wrote it as tribute to the I Have a Dream speech's 50th anniversary. The song says 50 years later, the check is still in some ways overdue.

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