Five Best Barbra Streisand Movies, Scores and Soundtracks

I was five years old when my mom took me to see Funny Girl. We fell in love with Fanny Brice (and Barbra Streisand--"Don't tell me not to live just sit and puttah. Life's candy and the sun's a ball of buttah!" GLEE would reprise that some 40 years later. But NOBODY does it like Babs. Later, in 1971, my dad took me to see What's Up, Doc?. It's still one of our favorite movies. Here are Barbra Streisand's best movies and soundtracks. Because of her amazing voice. Barbra has been cast in parts that didn't always sufficiently showcase her acting and dancing talents--Like "A Star is Born." Meh. But the song Evergreen was gorgeous. These movies represent some of the best of Barbra's acting skills also. Yentl is my favorite. I love how she embraces and celebrates her Jewish background. And the best of her music doesn't come from a movie--it's her "Classical Barbra" album. I still have mine from high school. Five Best Barbra Streisand Movies and Soundtracks