Free Poety Lessons: Spring Nature Poems as Song Lyrics

April is National Poetry Month. Poetry is the perfect venue to express the joy of spring. And spring it the ideal subject for poems. Why not take some of those poems and put them to music? Song lyrics are just poetry with some instruments and singing added. And music is sung poetry. In my years as a Montessori teacher, we explored all forms of poetry with all ages of children. No child is too young to write poetry. Little ones can dictate their writing and illustrate with their wonderful pictures. And no one is too old to write poetry, either! I've had the privilege to teach in senior centers and nursing homes. Creative writing was a new activity for many seniors who had usually been too busy to explore the creative arts. We had great fun exploring poetry! Get outside no matter what the weather. Bring your pen and paper or text-accessible device. You can even just speak your words into a recorder. Maybe you'll catch some birds singing in the background. You might want to add that to your poetry. Test out your verse with some notes. Let your lyrics guide you to melody that suits. Just try it! Free Poety Lessons: Spring Nature Poems