Students Suspended for Harlem Shake Video

At least 30 students at Milford High School in a metro Detroit suburb made the news for being suspended recently, reports the Detroit Free Press. Student suspensions are rarely newsworthy, as they're pretty standard procedure in most schools. So why the uproar over this incident? The reason is somewhat sordid -- male students uploaded racy videos of themselves air-grinding to the uber-popular "Harlem Shake." What's ironic, however, is the timing. A day earlier, Reuters Health reported that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) spoke out against suspensions as a form of school discipline.

A side note: I don't like the Harlem Shake--such a simplistic, repetive dance. Now the Conga, there was an blood pressure raiser! And some of us were pretty darn good at Conga-ing if I do say so myself. But seriously, is anyone seeing anything racier than Elvis, Prince, Michael, Adam Ant, heck the Charleston? Booty-shaking and dirty dancing are nothing new. Even those brain-freezingly tedious line dances get a little too close for comfort. BTW I had to use the word racy because one of my Yahoo! boys, "Nolan" made a point that I hadn't used that word in the piece. Like that's a good thing?! Racy is too good to waste. So here ya go, buddy! I might even throw in lascivious (if I can spell it)! Such nice scintillating descriptors... Detroit-Area Students Suspended for 'Harlem Shake' Video